Children Holding Guns

2016 - Present

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Memes
Children Holding Guns is a military-themed brand I started as a tribute to National Service. The concept draws inspiration from the shellscrape nights and training shed waits I experienced during my mandatory two-year military service.

Instagram: @ChildrenHoldingGuns

The brand derives its name from a line in the army song "Training to be Soldiers”.

CHG is a fun and satirical gift-shop brand that revolves around Singaporean military humor, particularly inspired by the mandatory two-year military service that every Singaporean son has to undergo.

Wake Up Your Ideas

A notebook is essential for killing time and waking up our ideas. Each notebook consists of 44 ruled pages, filled with activities and a hidden pink I.C..

Tekan Dice

Tekan Dice has the whole day to play with you — a perfect gift for your Platoon Sergeant.

Pins, Patches and Punishments

We noticed that military-themed patches are mostly embroidered with toxic-positivity quotes, so we designed ours to be closer to our SAF experience and identity as a fucking recruit.

Peacetime Timepiece

Sticker Pack

A pack of 10 blood-sweat-tears-proof stickers.

E.T. Blade & Stick



In marketing efforts, I make memes for social media—lots of them.

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