2019 — 2020

Branding, Art Direction, Design
MO BAR is a concept located at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean and rich culture of Asia’s ports, MO BAR presents a new experience to celebrate the flavours and aromas of the region.
Client: Mandarin Oriental
Agency: ACRE Design

︎ Creative Circe Awards (GONG) 2019
- Bronze: Printed Communication Design
- Bronze: Design Craft - Art Direction

The logo is formed by an elegant arrangement of the letters “MO”, inspired by themes of light and shadow on celestial bodies.

Image credit: MO BAR Singapore
︎ MO BAR Singapore

The menu is formatted in a handy booklet, highlighting the fourteen speciality cocktails developed exclusively by the bar.

MO BAR Menu Volume 1, 2 and 3

MO BAR Menu :

Volume 1


The elements found across the food, drinks, space and collaterals were based on an imagined future of the sea nomad peoples.

Themes of the Sea, Exploration, Astronomy and Artefacts are represented across the brand.

MO BAR Menu :

Volume 2


MO BAR Menu :

Volume 3


︎ MO BAR Singapore


Along the journey, we were excited to illustrate a colourful Sarimanok, representing a part of Philippine mythology, to be showcased on the “Sarimanok” cocktail. 


We created icons in simple, yet elegant, line art style with dissolved gradient fills to represent a series of vessels that were carefully curated by MO BAR for the menu.

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