Children Holding Guns

2016 - Present

Children Holding Guns is a project which I initiated as a tribute to National Service. These are ideas from the shellscrape nights and training shed waits during my mandatory two-year military service.

Its name is derived from a verse in the army song "Training to be Soldiers". Since recruits are often treated like children, hence Children Holding Guns.

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Children Holding Guns Notebooks are made for soldiers to wake up their ideas. Each notebook consists of 44 ruled pages, a hidden pink I.C., jokes and fun activities!

Tekan Dice

Tekan Dice consists of 5 punishments and 1 immunity printed faces. I made this so your commanders can make up their minds.


During National Service, random ideas would appear in my head as mental sketches. They were then translated into illustrations distributed as prints. Tekan Dice, in particular, was later developed into a physical product.

Recruits' Love Stories

A series of illustrations dedicated to the heartbreaks and desperations.


Army related cartoons produced in the style of The New Yorker Cartoons.

Original Social Media Content (Memes)

An on-going attempt to contribute more nonsense on social media, as if there aren't enough already. See more on Instagram at @ChildrenHoldingGuns

See more on Instagram at @ChildrenHoldingGuns.