Block Catching : The Board Game

Board Game Design

The original 'Block Catching', popular in the 1990s, is a game of "catch" that is played on the premises of a housing flat. It was one of the many outdoor games commonly played in the neighborhood back when kids still actively go out and play.

This childhood classic has brought neighbors closer and it deserves to be reintroduced for old times' sake. I decided to translate this physical game into a board game while keeping its original concept and playing rules.

This one's for the Eunos kids I grew up with.

Block Catching Plus

"Block Catching Plus" is an extension pack which consist of a set of dice, 15 Pebbles and 2 Tokens.

National day tribute

Block Catching 2.0

An improved version of the board game made its debut at "Barter Market" hosted by INDIGOSIM in March 2016.

In this edition, new features such as Characters, new rules and 'Twist' cards were introduced.

Exploring Dakota

As my obsession with this project grew, I began to explore more Block Catching spots. One of which was Dakota Crecent Block 20.