Friendly Jerry

2015 - Present

Friendly Jerry is a one-panel webcomic project started in 2015.

Follow the project at @friendlyjerry on instagram.

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Friendly Figure 1

The first Friendly Figure released in August 2017, based on a past comic.

- Hand sculpted and hand cast in resin material.
- Details are hand-drawn with Copic Marker.
- Lazy-laces carefully laced up.
- Signed on the bottom of the feet.
- Each piece is unique with tiny imperfections.
- Approx. 4" tall and 2.5" wide
- Packed in clear box, comes with friendly stickers.

Pick one up at


Friendly Figure 1 was reviewed by bootleg toy lord Super Sucklord at the Portfolio Night event organized by Kult. I paid him $10 monthly on Patreon for him to say some nice things.