Many of us would have been involved in the craze of the forgotten childhood game in Singapore, "Country Erasers". Back then, kids will carry these "flag" erasers everywhere they go. Some want to trade, some just want to battle. In a battle, both players will take turns to push and flip their erasers towards each other. In order to win, one must successfully stack his/her eraser onto the opponent's. Winner wins a new eraser from the opponent's collection.

As an attempt to share my story, I reinvented "Country Erasers" to a new game that appeals to the kids today, yet keeping its original concept and playing methods.

Each series of Slabsters consists of over 100 different designs which variates in different patterns and colors. Every Slabster comes with a mini identity card that has a code which certifies your ownership. They also have magnetic power to attract and repel from one another and with that, kids can play dress-up with the magnet accessories provided.

Slabsters CANVAS

Slabsters CANVAS is an extension of the product which allows you to design your own Slabster. Create the best-looking Slabster in the clique!