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2016 - Present

Mixed media
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Comfort D Driving Centre 


In collaboration with POOLSProject.

Following the disclosure of my profession to my private driving instructor, he commissioned me to reproduce the CDC circuit map for his instructional purposes.

This design is a tribute to my time with him and my apprehension towards driving on the circuit.

T-shirt design


Kult: From the Streets of Singapore (Vol. 2)

Kult has reached out to over 45 urban artists, giving them metal street signs to use in order to respond to living in a state that is still conservative in many parts. The common denominator amongst the signs given to the creatives is the restrictive tone of voice -  “STOP”, “NO ENTRY”, “NO JAYWALKING” and "NO DURIANS" to name a few.

The exhibition is curated by Kult for Aliwal Urban Arts Festival 2019.

Art installation



Kult procured some Singapore-special street signs and sent them to 13 artists to wreak havoc all over them.

The exhibition is curated by Kult for Culture Cartel 2018.

Art installation

Signs on the Loose 2


An art installation comissioned by Sentosa with local artists SKL0 and jollymcwank.

Art installation


Noise x GIF Fest 2017

I had the opportunity to feature a GIF animation I made at Noise x GIF Fest 2017. Huge thanks to Steve Lawler for screening it on a wall!

Art installation


Keepers x Straits Clan presents Multiply. A Majestic Playground

jollymcwank and I were invited by SKL0 to make art with a wardrobe in room 403.

This installation is titled “Roomates” as part of Multiply. A Majestic Playground, hosted by Keepers x Straits Clan, held at the iconic New Majestic Hotel. 50 local designers and artists took over the historic building as it approaches its closure that month.

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Art installation

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