Jun Zuan Ang is an art director/designer based in Singapore.
In his spare time, he makes stuff and contributes cartoons to Highnunchicken.

Selected works


MO BAR is a concept located at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean and rich culture of Asia’s ports, MO BAR presents a new experience to celebrate the flavours and aromas of the region.

︎ 2 Bronze: CCA Gong Awards 2019
- Printed Communication Design
- Design Craft - Art Direction

Agency: ACRE Design

Branding, Art Direction, Design

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Godmama is a modern Peranakan restaurant built on the belief that food plays the important role of bringing people together in a way that goes beyond just satiating appetites. It is a vehicle for the sharing of culture, the carrying on of a legacy and the celebration of people through recipes. Godmama is the perfect place to experience all that the Peranakan culture has to offer – bold colours, intense flavours and the warmness of family.

Branding, Art Direction, Design

Google Cloud 5th Anniversary

Visual identity for Google Cloud 5th Anniversary Digital Event held in Singapore representing Singapore, A.I., Data and Sustainability.


Art Direction, Illustration

NLB Singapore: Explained in 3 Minutes

LearnX presents a series of Explained in 3 Minute topic explainer videos where we break down the bigger and complex concepts into bite-sized takeaways for all.

I was involved in this project in various capacities, including illustration, storyboard, and motion design.

Agency: ALICE

Motion Design, Illustration, Storyboard

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CIMB Group is a leading KL-headquartered ASEAN universal bank, one of the largest investment banks in Asia and one of the largest Islamic banks in the world.

We are tasked to create a new set of guidelines to revitalise CIMB’s corporate identity across different mediums.

Taking inspiration from the logo, and the tagline “Forward Banking”, we created a motif based on a forward pointing arrow.

Agency: ACRE Design

Branding, Design

Lake Tower Management

(Full case study coming soon)

Identity, Design

Dabao Singapore

Emily, originally from Singapore, moved to San Francisco in 2014 to advance her career in both fine and casual dining. Driven by her love for the hustle, dedication to heritage foods, and a desire to build cultural bridges, she identified a gap in the market for authentic Singaporean hawker foods in San Francisco.

We developed an identity centered around the iconic takeout box, adding a small heart to symbolize the authenticity and love of a Singaporean chef.

Identity, Design

Po Chai Necklace

Our dependable traditional Chinese medication, Po Chai Pills, a.k.a Bali Bestie, now comes dressed as stylish fashion accessories, accompanying us wherever we venture.

A self-initiated project, reimagining my favourite travel buddy Po Chai pills, that went viral on TikTok and Instagram. 

︎ 50 sold out in a day
︎ Stocked at 3 indie stores (SG)
︎ Featured on TimeOut and POPEYE Magazine (#928)

Creative Direction

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The Sinner

Our design for "The Sinner" Single Malt Whisky features a sinner/saint ambigram with intricate embellishments set in black, gold and silver prints, type set in caligraphic style.

Agency: ACRE Design

Art Direction, Design, Illustration


In collaboration with Kenneth (Jolly Mcwank), Moses and Terence, we create cartoons regularly under the moniker, Highnunchicken, to have a laugh at local current affairs, culture, and ourselves.

︎ Featured on Mothership, Coconuts Singapore and Bandwagon

Cartoon, Illustration

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Pet Cubes

Pet Cubes is a brand that does human-grade fresh dog meals — a healthier, more nutritious alternative to kibbles. After establishing itself as a market leader, they wanted to update the brand with a younger, fresh look.

Agency: ACRE Design

Branding, Art Direction, Design

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Children Holding Guns

Children Holding Guns is a fun and satirical gift-shop brand that revolves around Singaporean military humor, particularly inspired by the mandatory two-year military service that every Singaporean son has to undergo.

Creative Direction, Art Direction

Full project ︎︎︎

Toast Box

With an objective to bring the brand closer to the younger generation while preserving the heritage, the new Toast Box concept introduced a 'black and white' colour-theme and a series of illustrated icons of the classics off the menu.

Agency: BreadTalk Group

Branding, Design, Illustration

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